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In recent years and even within the last several months, events have transpired globally and nationally that have placed hundreds of thousands of people in precarious situations.

Entire villages, towns, and cities have been at the mercy of nature’s wrath. In some cases, human actions have created those situations. The world was never a truly safe place but with the advances in weaponry and technology, and the threats of aggressive political powers, the potential for any major disasters has become an imposing shadow on our collective psyche we need to take emergency preparedness seriouly.

Recently, the world, and even America, has experienced incredulous events. Record high and low temperatures have beset entire states and regions with unforeseen damages resulting in power outages, food shortages, and fatalities.

Droughts and floods have ravaged farmlands and populations with previously unseen tragedy and loss. Cyclones and earthquakes have devastated regions, leaving them in rubble and creating thousands of homeless families.

Who Will Be Affected

Banjir Preparedness

Even the high and wealthy have suffered financial losses that subsequently trickled down to the middle and lower middle classes, leaving families on the ropes and losing their savings, their homes, and their sources of income.

Record high food prices and shortages have beleaguered millions of people, creating food lines and unemployment statistics unseen since World War ll, in some localities. The race for crude oil has created many rifts in former alliances and friendships within the global community.

Not since the cold war of the 60′s has the world seen such disharmony and fractious relationships.The need for securing emergency essentials to survive emergency situations is more evident now, than it ever was in the past.

Preparation is imperative to survival.
Not only are supplies needed, but the information and necessary means(especially financial means) is as well. Fortunately, the necessary means is inherent in our nature. We have the talents and abilities, but information and strategies are required to make it all come together. It takes planning to ensure that the proper materials and supplies are procured.

Strategies for securing these supplies and ensuring their proper storage and containment are also required.In the end,to enable survival preparation is only half the battle; one must know how to use shortcuts and resources.



family Preparedness

My family and I have spent much time researching and testing materials and survival information. We wish to share our education with you with the hope that you will benefit from our experience, knowledge, and website, and pass it on to others to help with any disaster.
We strongly believe our unique website will be a formative and valuable resource of information to help you create and affect your own emergency preparedness plan. We welcome you to reap the knowledge we share with you for your own survival.

My family and I thank you for visiting us and hope that together we can make our own and collective worlds safer and saner. The onus is on us as a society to prepare for the future. We can only learn today from the past, how to survive tomorrow. So far, the past has shown us that anything could go wrong. EmergencyPreparedness and diligence are essential. Let us do it together.

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What is the Best Emergency Food for Survival Preparedness or Self-Reliance?

0 What is the Best Emergency Food for Survival Preparedness or Self Reliance?

In review of’s Legacy Premium Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, all I can say is I believe they are the best products out to date! Here are the 25 reasons Equip 2 Endure believes they are the best!

1. Significantly more calories per serving- 77% more per serving on average
2. Certified GMO Free
3. 50% less sodium (low sodium)
4. No artificial flavors
5. No hydrogenated oils
6. No yeast extract
7. No caramel color
8. More entree meal options
9. They focus on increase daily healthy calories in the least expensive way, like using parboiled rice because it is 80% nutritionally similar to brown rice and tastes like white rice & refried beans adds a lot of healthy protein!
10. The have three new cooking kits to complement the meal packages (These are awesome kits with great stoves that are relevant for emergency situations)
11. Best Value – Simply the best Value in the in the freeze dried/dehydrated food industry when comparing cost per amount of food you get.
12. Most Healthy – With their enhanced product line they are the only brand that can claim a certified GMO free product, replacing them with more natural ingredients. So in other words the cleanest most healthy emergency freeze dried food product available.
13. Best Tasting – The E2E Team was pretty surprised by how good their food tastes. We have tried the other options and theirs is by far the best.
14. Most Innovative in the Biz – They are coming out with some really exciting product soon that will change the prep food space.

15. Highest Quality Ingredients – They don’t use filler ingredients to get a higher calorie count and use high quality ingredients
16. No Preservatives – They don’t add preservatives. Their food is preserved naturally because they remove most of the fat, all of the light, most of the water and most of the oxygen.
17. Free Shipping – on everything
18. Best Packaging – Mylar bags (keep out light and gases), nitrogen flush (to remove most of the oxygen & co2), NEW adding Oxygen absorbers to ALL pouches (this further reduces O2 to where the “residual oxygen content” is less than 2% on average)
Stack able buckets – rodent proof, water proof, easy to carry and store.
20. Secure – They only deliver in plain boxes so as not to advertise to a customers neighbors that he is receiving emergency food
21. Easy to Prepare – Pre-made meals, Just tear, pour into dish, add water…can be cold water even.
22. Low Price Guarantee
23. 100% Quality Guarantee
23. 25 Year Shelf Life
24. Gluten Free Options
25. Group Buy Discounts available – They can take group buy orders where the total is over 10k but the cool thing is that people in the group buy can pay separately and they will ship the product separately.

Equip 2 Endure
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Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Foods, Test Part 2, Buy Emergency Foods

0 Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Foods, Test Part 2, Buy Emergency FoodsStay tuned to see the Test & Review videos to follow! You can find out more and purchase Legacy Premium Food Storage from Use E2E as a promo code for an additional 5% off.

Equip 2 Endure
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2 Steps to Emergency Preparedness Month 3

0 2 Steps to Emergency Preparedness Month 3Visit to help organize yourself and your community around emergency preparedness.

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Disaster Preparedness Planning – INEVOLVE – Innovation Simplified

0 Disaster Preparedness Planning   INEVOLVE    Innovation SimplifiedWhat are you going to do if there is a long-term power outage, a computer virus attack, equipment failure, theft, flooding or accidental damage? Any event that could impact operations should be considered, such as supply chain interruption, loss of or damage to critical business infrastructure. These are things that are not covered under normal business insurance. Having a plan will assist you get getting your business, organization or agency back to operation status quickly and efficiently.

INEVOLVE can help you develop a plan to protect the critical parts of your business that your insurance doesn’t cover.

Visit our website for more information
Innovation Simplified

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China & the African Drought: Part 2 – The Ali’s Story

0 China & the African Drought: Part 2   The Alis StoryIn the second in a series of videos on the African food crisis, D J Clark meets a family struggling to survive in Ethiopia’s worst hit area. The horn of Africa has suffered it’s worst drought in sixty years and although the seasonal rains are now starting to arrive, in Ethiopia, 4.5 million people are still reliant on direct food aid to survive according to the UN. Last week the first of a series of Chinese food shipments arrived in Ethiopia to help the local government deal with a shortfall of food aid.

Duration : 0:5:24

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