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Being Prepared


The aim of this emergency preparedness website is to provide you with a well-rounded overview of what may be required to survive calamitous events and situations that could easily be a part of your and our future.

In here, you will find a wealth of information on emergency essentails designed to help you plan and prepare for situations that could challenge you and your family in ways heretofore unseen. I will provide useful tips, helpful strategies, and knowledgeable information and reviews of products on emergency essential for your survival.

With the information provided, you will be able to formulate a simple, cost effective, yet comprehensive emergency essential preparedness plan.

Survival Means Foresight And emergency Preparedness

There are several elements to surviving calamitous situations that need to be considered, not necessarily in any order, as the order changes with each situation. However, they are all critical to survival and need to be factored in with any successful emergency preparedness plan.

- Water — Food — Heat — Shelter


Those four elements, in varying degrees, are necessary for survival. On this website, we will discuss each one and I will provide you with information that will assist you in your planning.



There will also be tools and materials required; most will be inexpensive and easy to obtain. Many of the recommended tools will already be in your possession. There will also be information on which food items to prepare and how to prepare them for long-term storage. We will discuss the importance of water and how to ensure your water will stay clean and fresh. In certain circumstances, you may need to purify and treat water. Information on ways to do that will also be provided.

Emergency preparedness

Even as a modern, technologically rich society, we are nonetheless vulnerable to circumstances and events that we have little or no control over. The superstructure that supports us in normal times could very easily shatter under the oppressive mantel of sudden or global calamity.

Required goods and services that we take for granted now, could easily be disrupted or stopped entirely with little or no notice. The breakdown and collapse of those systems and governmental programs are a heartbeat away.

In the end, it is the individuals who have planned and prepared for unforeseen, yet potential situations, that will survive.




Events are shaping and reshaping our society and world on nearly a daily basis. Terrorism, violence, and natural disasters are all around us. The news media are filled with evidence of irresponsible and reckless behavior;e.g. dangerous individuals that threaten our school, religious institutes and homes.



A terrorist attack in a large city could mean food shortages for the hinterlands. Acid rain could force the shutdown of water supplies. Extreme weather could challenge your family’s ability to cope, unless you’re prepared with the necessary emergency preparedness to weather the storm.



Political upheavals

A constant threat to stability, and not just in far away places. There are factions in every country including America, whose sole goal is to disrupt society. The potential for disruption of provisions and staples that Americans are used to buying any day at the local grocery store is clearly present, making those provisions impossible to get or even get to.

Every day, somewhere in the world, natural disasters causes food shortages or impairs people in the ability to grow or acquire their food goods. Food shortages cause panic. Panic causes people to act irrationally and unthinkingly. You need to prepare for those eventualities; not necessarily with weapons, but with a good safe plan that ensures you have water, food, heat, and shelter.